SCC Pilot Documentation


For SCC Pilot, we are repurposing an existing cluster from the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, which is dedicated to the analysis of neurocognitive data. This cluster was funded by the project Digital Neuroscience Initiative, which is funded by the state of Salzburg.

The SCC Pilot is a computing cluster, using slurm as the resource manager. The way this basically works is that there are some very powerful servers, called "Compute Nodes" which can run your code. However, you do not access these nodes directly. Why? Because others also want to submit their jobs so the resources need to be distributed amongst the users who need them at the moment.

So, instead, you define so-called "Jobs" and submit them to the slurm controller. The controller puts your jobs into a queue and when it is your turn, it transfers it to one of the compute nodes and runs it there.

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